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Achieve your study goals with these 5 simple tips.



You may always have dreaded exams, eventually finding it difficult and stressful to attend them. For top students in your college, you may want to believe that getting an A in an exam would be like receiving an Oscar Award in that particular subject. You have to realize that exams are more than just a mere evaluation tool. They form an important part of the education process and can be deemed as your challenge. Generally, you would lack skills to go beyond the boundaries or parameters of your study materials and be always thinking of how much grades you will score your next exam. Here are 5 simple tips that would help you achieve your study goals and study better throughout the year, and conquer your exams fearlessly with utmost confidence:

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The necessity of exams and assessments and how they play a crucial role in the education process.


Today’s concepts of examinations are very restricted, for that matter. Teachers evaluate students through various forms and methods such as writing tests, projects, speaking and other activities where students showcase their talents. Exams/tests can be classified on the basis of their forms, their functions and content. These types can be classified as the following: educational intelligence, function and personality tests.

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How Practice can enhance student learning?


Practice is extremely essential to students’ learning as it helps them remember. The more no of times a student practices something, the more likely they are to learn and remember it i.e. the things learnt are likely to stay in his/her memory for longer periods of time. Practice also allows students by providing them an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of skills taught in classrooms; to increase speed, gain expertise and also improve skills, at the same time. Also, there are numerous methods in which a student can engage, allowing him/her to learn information at various stages of retention. A fine example of this would be the Learning Pyramid which highlights the theory of learning that in the learning process, active participation results in higher learning retention.

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Learn how EPracto’s world class in-depth reports can help you.


It’s never been so easier to get what students require the most –A skill enhancement software like EPracto. EPracto’s in-depth analytics reports are recognized to be the best in the world. EPracto’s reports are not just mere template reports which are showcased to users. What’s more? EPracto’s in-depth analytics creates tailored reports that cater to a user’s exact needs.

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