5 Last minute tips every student should follow before going to an exam


featured-img-blog-3-5-last-minute-tipsEvery year, most of the students worldwide repeat the same mistake of not preparing well for their exams. Some of them say that this time, it’s going to be different. They are going to stay on top of everything, color codes all their notes and never leave anything to the last minute. But, in reality, that never happens.

Exams will help students to improve his/her knowledge because they provide regular feedback and help them acknowledge their shortcomings.

Never wait until the last minute study. We all know it’s really not a good way of practicing for an exam in the last minute. Set a clear timetable for the exam preparation. Note down how many tests you have to practice and the time you need to spend on that.

In this competitive environment, students have to brace themselves for the upcoming challenges. They cannot afford to waste much time at the crucial stage of their career. Many of them want to crack entrance exams like CAT, GATE/IES, Campus recruitment test, UPSC/ Bank, PO/SSC tests, etc. for this one has to consider the following main tips before attending an exam.


Tip 1: Take not more than 2 tests in the pattern that will appear in the exam

We suggest you not to practice more than 2 test patterns a day before you appear for the exam. This is to avoid confusion and learning at the last moment will make you forget what you have studied earlier. Students have to practice test patterns to assess their capability.

Tip 2: Don’t learn anything new! We mean it

Last moment learning something new may not be always useful rather practicing what you already know will give you expertise in it. Do not try to memorize things at the end rather try understanding the concepts. Learning new things will definitely create confusions, therefore we strongly advise not to mess with new topics at the last moment.

Tip 3: Recapitulate what you have learned

As mentioned earlier, revision at the last moment plays a crucial role. A day or hours before the exam do not pressurize your mind by learning new things, instead sit back and relax. Try to recollect or visualize the formulas, topics you studied for the exam. Try to revise the big picture and the tough ones you thought you should be careful about.

Tip 4: Strategize

Strategy is something, which should be devised and applied especially in exams. Almost all the students plan but planning differently based on personal strengths and weakness is what is a strategy. You know who you are, what you are made up of, now based on these few things you can plan to ace the exam you are appearing.

Ex: You are appearing for CAT exam, and you know your strength is Mathematics. Strategy is not to complete everything related to Quantitative and go to other sections but to complete as many as you can in a fixed time set by you then move on to the next easiest topic, so that you will be covering all the topics and the chances that you will clear the topic wise cutoff is more and then come back to focus on your stronger area to clear the test wise cutoff.

One more example of a strategy when the time is limited and there are a lot of topics to prepare is either you have to skim through all the topics and be a “Jack of all trades but master of nothing” or you can choose to master a few topics. For me second thing worked out well so far, mastering a few topics and just glancing through areas.

Tip 5: Time Management

Students have to organize and plan how to utilize their time while attending the exam. Good time management skills will influence their academic performance. One has to decide on how much time he/she is going to spend one each of the sections like Quant, Reasoning, Coding, and Verbal etc. Practicing to solve questions within the given time frame is really what matters. Setting priorities is a key in effective time management. Failing to manage your time damages your effectiveness and causes stress.

Therefore, with the right software, the right methodology, the right approach – a strong foundation for a student’s career can be laid.

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