Are free online tests effective? 5 questions that will completely change your opinion.



Online practice tests are integral to any exam preparation and one can’t stress on the importance of these. There are free practice tests for competitive exams available in the marketplace like Indiabix, WizIQ, LearnHub, Jumbo Tests etc. to name a few and some of you may have already practiced and used them. However, we still may not be sure of how effective these tests are.

A popular saying reads “All good things come with a price and you simply cannot trust anything which is free”. Having said that, given below are a few questions to ponder upon, before you decide on your best exam preparation method:

Q1) While attempting a free mock test in these websites, what will happen if you lose your internet connection or close your browser accidentally?

Answer: Mock tests are effective because they replicate a real-time test environment. However, browser disconnectivity issues dampen the experience and will affect the efficacy of your test preparation.

Our Solution: A software like EPracto ensures a smooth experience, even if there are frequent internet connectivity issues to ensure that you get the best out of it. You must know that EPracto stores your test on a cloud server, which you can always resume from the point where you left out, when your connectivity issue is resolved. You can also pause and restart the test, anytime you want.

Q2) Does your free test software provide detailed explanation of answers?

Answer: It is rightly said that “Mistakes are the stepping stones to success”. Henceforth, it is really important that you learn from your mistakes. Think again. Does your exam software provide you with an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and correct if you go wrong? Most online software don’t.

Our Solution: EPracto showcases the right answers by providing detailed explanation to support the evidence as to why your answer is wrong or even further taking a step forward – as to why your answer is right, making it the perfect medium for you to tackle and understand topics with ease. The explanatory answer feature is provided to you for every answer, at the end of your exam.

Q3) Do you know where you stand among your competition?

Answer: A report is not helpful if it simply states your scores for you to understand that if your scores are good or not. Competitive reports will help you understand how much more you have to strive to excel in the course of study. You will need to compare these reports with the rest of the exam-takers to know where you stand. Most of the online test software simply give you scores and not in-depth reports and metrics on this important aspect.

Our Solution: EPracto’s multi-dimensional reports tracks and demonstrates your progress in detail. You can then analyse these reports and start executing your action steps to plan and make your study decisions faster.

Q4) You are continually taking tests. But do you know how you’ve trended in your previous tests?

Answer: The more the number of tests, the better you learn, but however, if you are unable to track your progress and see how you are improving, your time doesn’t serve its purpose. Also, it is important for you to identify what your strengths and weaknesses are to create an effective study plan.

Our Solution: EPracto can identify your strengths and weaker areas, measure your performance with its intelligent reports and that whether you have improved over time or not. EPracto’s artificial intelligent tests lets you focus on your weaker areas and improve on them, so that they no longer remain your weaker areas.

Q5) When you are confronted with an issue, are you sure that there is someone to help you come out of it?

Answer: You may face lots of issues like technical problems, computer problems, or any other glitches, during taking the free tests. Hence, you must make sure that your learning does not suffer due to these mere issues. Most of the free test software do not have a support team who can help you out instantly and this is a major concern.

Our Solution: EPracto is an advanced software featuring a user-friendly interface which needs little support. However, should you face any issues or have any queries on usability, we have a customer support team, at your beck and call, whom you can contact via phone or email.

Now that you know the limitations of free tests, do you want your future career to rely on free software? Clearing competitive exams can make or break your career and your performance is the only thing that matters the most. Know that we at EPracto also go a step further to flaunt your performance to our corporate clients with EYardstick integration, our end-to-end solution for campus recruitment for companies. So, frankly speaking, taking free tests are completely okay, but do not settle for it alone – just move on and explore yourself further.

Ace your exams with EPracto and be on your path to a bright and successful career.

All the best!

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