Company Patterns of top employers you should not miss to practice.



“Practice makes a man perfect”, we all know this and try following it. But no one exactly knows what the best practice is!

Every student has to go through the campus recruitment drives that are conducted by various companies. The drive provides the student an opportunity to get placed in their choice of company. Most of the companies conduct aptitude test as one of their interview rounds. To get through the companies the students have to prepare themselves adequately and make sure that they put their best effort.

Usually, 70-80 percentages of students are eliminated in the aptitude round. The reason might be either lack of practice or not practicing what is required to. Most of the companies have their exclusive set of question patterns for the aptitude test which includes Quant, Reasoning, Coding, and Verbal. The areas which need special focus are time management, Email writing, C programming and DS.

How about practicing the company specific patterns to increase the chances of qualifying aptitude round?

Companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini and Accenture have their own set of patterns which they use to evaluate students. So practicing specific patterns according to student’s need will help them to optimize their result.

The following infographic will help you to have an insight into company’s hiring pattern.


At least 7 fully fledged tests in each company pattern have to be taken up to clear the benchmark scores set by the above companies.

Given below is the Latest Test Patterns for the companies.

Company NameQuantitative AptitudeReasoningVerbalWriting AbilityCodingTechnical Questions
Tech MahindraYesYesYesNoNo

Online practice tests will help students to prepare themselves for cracking these rounds which the top companies are conducting.

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