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It’s never been so easier to get what students require the most –A skill enhancement software like EPracto. EPracto’s in-depth analytics reports are recognized to be the best in the world. EPracto’s reports are not just mere template reports which are showcased to users. What’s more? EPracto’s in-depth analytics creates tailored reports that cater to a user’s exact needs.

EPracto’s flexible 360 reporting options make it easier for users to discover and find detailed reports even if the search is for specific qualities in reports. The detailed reports generated by the software reflect the training efficacy and can be used to showcase the college standard. They also help in measuring students’ performance to analyze where they stand, where they need improvement and at the same time frame their next course of action and further map their future industry roles. EPracto makes it extremely easier for colleges to manage student information by leveraging these effective methods of reporting:

Management Reports

Management reports assess the student abilities and measures the overall performance of students with reports meant for management. These reports can be exported to an excel format.

HOD Reports

HOD reports are meant for head of departments which will help them to map the learning of curve of students to measure their progression, frame the next course of action and identify future industry roles where they would fit in best. HOD reports cover quantative aptitude, reasoning, verbal ability, C language and events etc.

Student Reports

In addition to mapping individual learning progress, student reports indicate the strengths and area of improvement of individual students, thus helping them assess themselves and take corrective action where necessary.

In conclusion, EPracto offers test wise reports, company pattern tests, Event reports, custom reports and 360 reports, delivering deep reporting in an all easy-to-use interface.

It’s true that reports and results matter the most because it is easier to understand the performance of candidates at a quick glance and to highlight the areas of student difficulty. Overall, reports play a vital role in improving students’ performance as a whole and EPracto serves as an invaluable tool and an excellent solution for extracting any kind of reports, even customized ones.

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