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Uncovering the success story behind Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology on how it doubled its placement conversion rates in 2015.


Vignan University

Challenges faced:

Vignan Institute of Information Technology always gives high importance to training and placements to help students clear campus tests and guide them on the path to a successful career. In 2015, it had a training program in place, which was an addition to their regular syllabus to prepare students for big placement events. Even though the training program was considerably good, the college management couldn’t notice any significant surge in placement numbers. This was when they found that they needed something to judge the efficacy of the training program. They felt that there was a need for a focussed approach that can help judge the skills of students and at the same time provide a detailed overview on what areas they will need to improve on for achieving the best results. Soon after, Vignan came to hear of EPracto, the team at EPracto approached Vignan to help them out in this regard.

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Are free online tests effective? 5 questions that will completely change your opinion.


Online practice tests are integral to any exam preparation and one can’t stress on the importance of these. There are free practice tests for competitive exams available in the marketplace like Indiabix, WizIQ, LearnHub, Jumbo Tests etc. to name a few and some of you may have already practiced and used them. However, we still may not be sure of how effective these tests are.

A popular saying reads “All good things come with a price and you simply cannot trust anything which is free”. Having said that, given below are a few questions to ponder upon, before you decide on your best exam preparation method:

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5 reasons why practising with an online test software can help create your own success story.


Graduation is a phase in a student’s life of defined curious ambiguity. Everyone around you would have turned into a career counsellor to add to your confusion. Sitting and wondering about the scale or scope of your career can be vague. In this competitive corporate world, this just would give enough time for someone to take a giant leap ahead of you. Nevertheless, one solution to this can be giving utmost dedication to online practice tests.

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Achieve your study goals with these 5 simple tips.


You may always have dreaded exams, eventually finding it difficult and stressful to attend them. For top students in your college, you may want to believe that getting an A in an exam would be like receiving an Oscar Award in that particular subject. You have to realize that exams are more than just a mere evaluation tool. They form an important part of the education process and can be deemed as your challenge. Generally, you would lack skills to go beyond the boundaries or parameters of your study materials and be always thinking of how much grades you will score your next exam. Here are 5 simple tips that would help you achieve your study goals and study better throughout the year, and conquer your exams fearlessly with utmost confidence:

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