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5 reasons why practising with an online test software can help create your own success story.



Graduation is a phase in a student’s life of defined curious ambiguity. Everyone around you would have turned into a career counsellor to add to your confusion. Sitting and wondering about the scale or scope of your career can be vague. In this competitive corporate world, this just would give enough time for someone to take a giant leap ahead of you. Nevertheless, one solution to this can be giving utmost dedication to online practice tests.

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How Practice can enhance student learning?


Practice is extremely essential to students’ learning as it helps them remember. The more no of times a student practices something, the more likely they are to learn and remember it i.e. the things learnt are likely to stay in his/her memory for longer periods of time. Practice also allows students by providing them an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of skills taught in classrooms; to increase speed, gain expertise and also improve skills, at the same time. Also, there are numerous methods in which a student can engage, allowing him/her to learn information at various stages of retention. A fine example of this would be the Learning Pyramid which highlights the theory of learning that in the learning process, active participation results in higher learning retention.

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