Uncovering the success story behind Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology on how it doubled its placement conversion rates in 2015.


Vignan University

Challenges faced:

Vignan Institute of Information Technology always gives high importance to training and placements to help students clear campus tests and guide them on the path to a successful career. In 2015, it had a training program in place, which was an addition to their regular syllabus to prepare students for big placement events. Even though the training program was considerably good, the college management couldn’t notice any significant surge in placement numbers. This was when they found that they needed something to judge the efficacy of the training program. They felt that there was a need for a focussed approach that can help judge the skills of students and at the same time provide a detailed overview on what areas they will need to improve on for achieving the best results. Soon after, Vignan came to hear of EPracto, the team at EPracto approached Vignan to help them out in this regard.


Vignan’s journey to success with EPracto.

EPracto is an online practice test software that can test students’ skills on aptitude, verbal ability, comprehension, programming, general knowledge etc. in a real-time assessment environment. It lets students get to know their strengths and weaknesses and receive performance reports for every test they take. It gives students the confidence to face any competitive exam or campus test and goes a step further in increasing their employability skills, at the same time.


Vignan started using EPracto to schedule a large number of practice tests for students used by the most top companies for recruiting. In addition to practice tests, they also conducted fortnightly assessment tests to track students’ progress in real-time and measure their skills and capabilities. Vignan made good use of EPracto to conduct focussed tests to find out whether their students are improving or not. When EPracto showcased in-depth insights of students with highlights on their weaker and stronger areas, Vignan realized the amazing use of these reports. The reports displayed students’ performances and highlighted their strengths. With these reports in hand, Vignan took a step further to showcase students’ performances to various companies and invite them for campus placements.

Shortly, many companies started heading to the Vignan campus after getting a good idea of how well students are performing. One of the companies that approached Vignan during this time was IBM for recruitment drives. Though this seemed to be a delight to the college management of Vignan, initially they soon realized that IBM had changed the recruiting test pattern and had a big overhaul of their recent pattern, which Vignan didn’t have any information about. EPracto had the latest IBM test pattern present and updated in the software already, which contributed to making Vignan’s work become easier.

Amazing results that followed.


The college management at Vignan were simply thrilled with EPracto and they could sense success heading their way. All it took to achieve this was just 1-week of endless practice & preparation which resulted in 160 candidates getting selected out of 200 students, in the 1st round of IBM & 40+ candidates actually getting hired by IBM. Owing to the success, many companies like TCS, Voltas, Tech Mahindra, NTT Data etc. lined up for conducting placement drives and soon Vignan’s placement records gradually surged up. A few other branches of Vignan like Vignan’s Institute of Engineering for Women started using EPracto in a matter of a few months after the IBM drive.

In a recent interview with Mr. Sathyanarayana of Vignan Institute of Information and Technology, he described how EPracto’s intuitive reports helped to flaunt students’ performances to top companies and how this activity became the sole contributor to create awareness and boost Vignan’s placement conversion rates to the max. He also said that his team is closer to achieving 90% placement in 2016, towards the end of the year. He could sense that the IBM drive certainly served as a testament to students who’ve cleared the drive, all thanks to the customizable skill and company tests, provided by EPracto.


Do you want your college to come closer to creating a success story similar to Vignan? Take the first step in your success journey by trying out EPracto today.

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About Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology:

(Like other Vignan Institutions, Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology is an established institute located in the industrial city of Visakhapatnam, in proximity to important industrial sectors and industries. It boasts of well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members, appointed as per AICTE norms who offer their knowledge & expertise to students.)